Achieving Academic Success

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3045 Whitman Dr. 204 Evergreen, CO 80439

Grow your performance in 90 minutes

Our 90-minute online workshops focus on a single skill area that will help you achieve peak performance, become a master learner, improve reading for learning, strengthen problem solving, develop an improvement mindset, and strengthen other skills. 

You’ll practice working in productive teams and receive positive feedback that is improvement-focused – to help you develop your own vision and identity.

Our workshops offer bite-sized chunks of our signature Achieving Academic Success course. You can make a smaller time commitment and choose the topic that fits your needs. Take the workshops in any order.

Current workshops offerings include:

  • 14 Steps to Academic Success: How to learn anything so that the knowledge sticks and you can put it to work
  • Ace Your Next Test: How to target your preparation, perform on the exam, and do it even better the next time
  • Let the Writing Flow: Strengthen thinking by letting the words stream from brain to hand (or fingers!) – grammar, spelling, and organization can happen later!
  • Mastering Time and Productivity: Own and manage your time to get things done, hold space for wellness, and have fun
  • Reading for Learning: Change your reading forever with a strategy to learn twice as much in one third of your current reading time
  • Problem Solving: 10 steps to a robust solution for any kind of challenge
  • Sharpen Your Critical Thinking: Move knowledge from “I know it” through “I can teach it” to “I can use it anywhere”
  • Stop Self-Judging and Start Growing: Shift the inner voice from criticizing to identifying strengths and improving performance
  • Taking Control of My Anxiety: Get unstuck and move into action

$ 45

Workshop fee

90-minute online, live, facilitated workshop focused on one topic
Do you know a group that would like to experience an in-person workshop? They can sponsor a course!
Upcoming workshops:
  • Let the Writing Flow: Tuesday, March 14, 9:00 pm Eastern
  • Mastering Time and Planning: Tuesday, April 4, 8:30 pm Eastern
  • Taking Control of My Anxiety: Tuesday, April 11, 8:30 pm Eastern
  • Let the Writing Flow: Monday, April 17, 8:30 pm Eastern
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