Achieving Academic Success

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3045 Whitman Dr. 204 Evergreen, CO 80439

What we do

Changing Mindsets and
Redirecting Life Stories

Our courses and workshops, including our signature Achieving Academic Success course, give high school and college students the tools to succeed in school and in life.

We deliver programs that change mindsets and help teens and young adults re-envision their lives and take the next steps on their life journey.

With mentoring, structured challenges, and collaborative learning you’ll join a community of young people taking charge of their futures.

what we deliver

Powerful Outcomes

Develop and enhance learning skills and mindsets to approach learning in more productive ways.

Learning Skills

Faster, effective learning with critical thinking for ever greater understanding .

Mindsets and Attitudes

Knowing you can learn better builds confidence and makes challenge fun.

Evaluation -> Assessment

Shift from judging yourself to improving performance.

how it works

There's no silver bullet for anything in life.​

But there are tools to make the job easier.

If you haven’t had a chance to acquire them yet, this is your opportunity. Achieving Academic Success integrates these skills into every course:

Reading for Learning
Writing to Think
Mastering Time and Productivity
Goal Setting
Working Effectively in Teams
Becoming a Master Learner

See yourself in a new light

Whether you’ve been successful in the past or not, everyone can become a more successful student and better prepared to succeed in life.

Our courses encourage participants to reflect on the challenges they’ve faced in the past and find new ways to conquer future obstacles.

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